SEO Costs, Pricing, and Packages Explained.

If you’re looking for an SEO price list – unfortunately, you won’t find one here. SEORUS will never package SEO services or provide a set price list because each client we take on is entirely different; warranting a unique set of actions, deliverables and outcomes.

When you work with SEORUS, we’re not here to put your website or business through a cookie-cutter template. Our SEO strategies are created from the ground up, with your company’s unique goals at the forefront of every decision made. By tailoring each SEO campaign, we can cut out any unnecessary expenses that you don’t need. No two businesses are identical, and no two businesses have the same goals. As such, it does not make sense to tar your website with the same brush.

The prices at SEORUS are influenced by the amount of in-house resources that are needed to provide real, tangible results. Some of the primary considerations that will dictate the costs of an SEO campaign include:

• Your current website position
• The age of your website
• The products or services offered
• The size of your market
• The competition in your industry
• The location of your business (Local SEO competition)
• Previous SEO work

At SEORUS, everything that we do comes down to ROI. Our SEO strategies, tactics and campaigns are tailored to ensure that each client sees a positive investment return.

No SEO Packages, No Empty Promises

There are too many SEO companies in Australia over-promising at a ridiculously low rate. The reality is, search engine optimisation is too labour-intensive and dynamic to make such promises – especially when charging $800 a month. When executed correctly, the costs associated with operating an SEO agency with sustainable strategies are high. Between content creation, comprehensive market research, paying local wages and acquiring high-quality links, SEO is not cheap.

SEORUS comprises a tight-knit, lean team of professionals. We operate with low overheads, and we focus on sustainable and ethical SEO practices. We’re open, honest and transparent with pricing and we won’t exploit your marketing budget if we think you’ve got cash to burn. If we believe that SEORUS can genuinely facilitate your business growth, then we’ll work with you. But if we’re not confident that we can meet your goals, we won’t – it’s that simple.

There are too many agencies charging thousands of clients $800 per month and delivering no results. Think about it. Those big agencies have 50-100 staff that all earn Australian salaries. Imagine how many clients they need to have on the books at $800 a month just cover wages each month.

The prices at SEORUS may be higher than the churn and burn agencies, but our results a head and shoulders above.


Lasting Results, Not Endless Excuses

Good SEO is never cheap, and cheap SEO is never good. In 2021, the saying rings true.
SEO companies, consultants and offshore freelancers offering cheap SEO operate volume or sales, not your campaign’s success. As a client of one of these agencies, they have to take on more clients to compensate because you’re paying so little. This translates to the amount of work that actually gets done being the absolute bare minimum. Or, in the worst case, no work gets done at all (unfortunate but true).

Some of the risks of working with cheap SEO in Australia include:
• Short-term SEO tactics
• Outsourced or offshore SEO work with compromised results
• Blackhat SEO strategies that deliver volatility, not sustainability
• The do nothing (literally) and tell you otherwise

To be completely honest, these above risks are not isolated to cheap SEO companies. Even if you’re working with a big agency and paying $5,000 a month, your SEO provider should be upfront, transparent and accountable. Working with a known large marketing agency does not guarantee success. If your SEO provider cannot outline their process and practices in layman’s terms, then it may be time to reassess your partnership.

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