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We’re not just another SEO company here to make a quick buck. SEORUS was created for one reason, and one reason only: to deliver exceptional, reliable and strategic search engine optimisation that works.

We’re not just another churn and burn agency – SEORUS believe that sustainable, long-term search engine optimisation is the key to online growth. It’s this attitude that has provided a diverse portfolio of clientele with exceptional results.

There are plenty of marketing agencies in Australia that promise to provide the best Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Google Ads – in our opinion, that’s just not feasible. Rather than spread ourselves thin over various digital marketing offerings, we at SEORUS focus exclusively on delivering the best SEO services in Australia.
Unsurprisingly, SEORUS just do SEO. And we do it really well.


The Right People In The Right Jobs


Search engine optimisation professionals combining a diverse skillset for outstanding results.

BreannaSEO Content Lead
LiamSEO Specialist
MiaContent Specialist
MitchellSEO Specialist

The Beginning of SEORUS

Part of the Safari Digital Group, SEORUS was developed to put small, medium and large Australian businesses in direct contact with leading search engine optimisation experts. We focus on delivering big results, with simple solutions.

Safari Digital is one of Australia’s premier leading SEO agencies. Born in 2018, Safari Digital has since firmly grown to deliver exceptional SEO services for a diverse collection of businesses. The Safari team includes a group of passionate SEO professionals who specialise in various aspects of SEO, including on-site, off-site, technical SEO and content marketing. Unlike many Australian marketing agencies, Safari and SEORUS deliver all elements of a comprehensive campaign in-house. We don’t offshore any of the processes, and we plan on keeping it that way. SEORUS was created to connect Australian businesses with passionate SEO experts, to deliver real, reliable and ROI-positive results. Operating on the belief that when we work together, treat one and other with respect, and continuously act in our clients’ best interests, the sky is the limit.

As of 2021, SEORUS encompasses a small, tight-knit and lean team of professionals who live and breathe search engine optimisation. Working with a wide range of Australian businesses, we handle every aspect of an SEO campaign – from start to finish. And if you have any questions along the way, we’re all ears. As the SEORUS team is entirely in-house, you’ll be able to speak to one of our SEO experts right away. We don’t have account managers, and we won’t screen your calls – when you talk to an SEO consultant from SEORUS, you’ll be talking to the expert that carries out all of the work on your website. At SEORUS, we focus on real, tangible results. The only kick-back that we’re incentivised by is the successful growth of your business online.

Real Results from Real Experts

Search engine optimisation is entirely dynamic. Regarding search engine results, nothing is ever quite where you left it, and Google is continuously adapting and refining the ranking algorithm. As of 2021, more than 200 individual factors impact how your website performs in Google search results. As such, if you’re going to improve your rankings, it makes sense to have a dedicated team of SEO experts on-side.

SEORUS deliver a reliable, measured and sustainable approach to search engine optimisation. Deeply invested in the online growth of our clients’ websites, we don’t work with just any business that wants to do SEO. Our mantra is simple – if we do not believe that we can provide fantastic results for your business, we simply will not take you on as a client. Working with some of the leading minds in SEO, you can rest assured that SEORUS have your best interests at heart.

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